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Pond fountain slab

Subject: Pond fountain slab
by Steve2324 on 21/5/2018 18:41:27


I'm new here just signed up looking for some help with my new fish keeping hobby I'm taking up.

I'm building my own pond and so far everything has gone smoothly.

I've hit a brick wall with building the fountain.

So far I've built up the walls of my fountain and it will be lined and I want it to overflow over the side.

I have several granite bricks cemented in place and I want to put a slab sticking out at the very top where it overflows so the water won't trickle down the side of he bricks and instead falls a bit out from the wall.

My issue is i want to make 100% sure the cement mix I use is strong enough as the slab is heavy, the slab is 60cm and the bricks are only 15cm wide.

So I only have 15cm of room to stick the slab to and 45cm sticking out.

Hope I've explained this well enough if anyone can advise I'd appreciate it. I dont want the slab falling into the pond and ripping the liner.