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Re: koi pink skin floats upside down plays dead

Subject: Re: koi pink skin floats upside down plays dead
by nathangoudie on 2/4/2018 7:03:49


It's really hard to tell what is wrong with him without the water quality test for NH3/NO2/NO3.

I have no experience in fish sickness after winter as I've never face winter but there's a possibility that during winter, the beneficial bacteria died that cause a spike. It's just my guess.

Worms or parasite could be a problem too.... if you have a quarantine tank, maybe it's good to quarantine and medicate the fish with some general treatments like API general cure.

Keep in mind that if you want to medicate the whole pond, it will cost a lot and it will kill the beneficial bacteria so treating individual might be better if he's the only one with the problem.

Is this fish is eating okay? If it is then you can soak the food in medicated water (mix the treatment in small volume of water then soak the food in it) to feed the fish. It's also a good way for de-worming them.

I'm just asking about the diet because goldfish do not really tolerate a meaty diet. It's good to feed them "meat" like shrimps and worms but the main idea is as supplementary diet for more vitamin like twice a week.
They'd do best with veggie based food like spirulina or if you can have algae grow for them to graze is best. Veggetation like water lettuce can also be a healthy food source for them.