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Re: koi pink skin floats upside down plays dead

Subject: Re: koi pink skin floats upside down plays dead
by gruntfuttock on 28/3/2018 18:31:37

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for getting back to me, the ailing fish still has a pinkish belly, around the gills there seems to be some damage. The fish is no bigger than half the fish in the pond, and a lot smaller than the other half. When I netted him to check it hardly moved but had a little flourish when I put it back in the water. Otherwise it seems totally lethargic.

Of the pond, I will get a test kit over the weekend and give it a go. The feed I use is Aqua Pond Sticks - not the most expensive in the shop, but certainly not the cheapest. The box filter and pump has been operating over winter and both have a higher spec than demanded for that size of pond. I have not fed the fish over winter, but that has been my m o for the last ten years or so.

Thanks, Any ideas??