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Re: Help is needed

Subject: Re: Help is needed
by TheDragonLord on 2/3/2006 17:12:38

koi need at least 3ft, 4ft-6ft is preferable and the pond is likely to freeze due to its depth, 2ft is the suggested minimum to prevent the freezeing and thats down south like cornwall and portsmouth and places like that (cant think of any others atm)

but when u rehome the koi how about replaceing them with goldfish (anything that isnt the fancy types) so standards, comets, sarrasa comets, shubunkins

dont bother with sterlets as u wont be able to rehome them and they dont eat the blanket weed (long algae strings) as they usually get tangled in it and die, they get to over 1metre long

dont bother about tench as u wont see them, even if its the golden type

no carp as they'd get too large IMO

u may be able to try ghost koi as IME they only get to about 18", although thinking about it its abit big