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Re: Help is needed

Subject: Re: Help is needed
by TheDragonLord on 1/3/2006 18:31:12

i leave my pond pumps running, i'd suggest u put them on bricks/other objects to raise them from bottom then leave them running, adding hot water wouldnt do much tbh as it'll cool straight back down so is a waste of time to constantly add it not to mention money

by small what do u mean? koi get big so need a big pond so u may be best to take them to an aquatic shop (i mean a specialised local one not a chain one or maybe not even one in a garden centre as they are usually quite poor quality, no offense to any garden centre aquatic people)

the UV would be to kill off floating algae with UV rays, bulb needs replacing every 6 months that its in use, or every 12 if its in use over winter as its still effective enough over winter as long as u replace it in spring
the pump pumps water through it and then it needs to go into a filter to catch the little bits