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Help is needed

Subject: Help is needed
by Miller606 on 1/3/2006 18:23:50


I've just bought a new house and there is a small pond with Koi & goldfish in the garden. I know very little about keeping ponds and could do with a little help.
Before the guy moved out he told me not to feed the fish at this time of year and to turn the pump of at night.
This morning I got up and found a fish laying on its side on the top of the water, it doesnt seem to be dead but its not moving. Would you recommend to put some hot/warm water in the pond to warm the water up as there was ice covering the top.
I know running the pump puts oxygen into the water, is it worth leaving the pump running all the time so the water doesnt freeze.
Any help will be appreciated.
Also if anyone could recommend any good sites about maintaining pond's.
Before he moved he left a note but I have no idea what he means he says "in shed is a UV for fish pond I put on April - OCT" theres also a diagram underneath...any ideas.