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Re: Pond Filter

Subject: Re: Pond Filter
by SueM on 29/6/2016 12:54:30

Thanks for your kind reply, I thought in the short term I would have time to see if I could change to a filter box as I can sort out the box level in relation to the pond.

I have new bulb every year and clean casing as well with vinegar.

However got up this am and can see the filter dripping as I have it out on decking while I try to sort it out.

So I have bitten the bullet and purchased another pressure filter but gone for a hozelock bioforce revolution 14000 (please no one send me nightmare stories as bought it now). I need to get it installed ASAP as will be away for a couple of days and will just stress about it as pond is loosing water.

I just need to hope this stops the water level dropping (it is not a leak in pond as have checked that).

Thanks Sue