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Pond Filter

Subject: Pond Filter
by SueM on 27/6/2016 18:20:17

Hi Everyone,
I have a decking pond that has 2,500 litres with a Blagdon hybrid force pump 10,000 and what was a Blagdon Cyclone 20,000. It is leaking and needs replacing. I did have a waterfall but now removed so just a small pond. The pressure filter is in a raised bed of sleepers.

I have about 5 koi, couple of old orfes and some water lilies.

I need to replace the filter, do I go for a gravity filter such as hozelock revolution 14,000 or another pressure filter?

I have not been that impressed with quality of the water with the pressure filter and keep getting green water. It is south facing garden but I can't change that!

Any suggestions would be so welcome.

Thank you so much