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Looking to Rehome Comet and Fantail

Subject: Looking to Rehome Comet and Fantail
by Miss Dorsal on 30/11/2015 0:44:56

Samantha survived her last bout of bending but it's happened twice since. She is currently bent again. I've decided she and Darren (Fantail) urgently need to be rehomed to a 350+ litre tank. Samantha (Comet) is too big to continue living in her 180 litre tank.

A bit of history on the fish for those who don't know. I rescued them from an eBay seller in 2013, the fish were malnourished and very stunted, they were kept in a 35 litre tank. They are about five or six years old. I noticed soon after taking them home that they had white lumps and blood shot fins. After treating them, with advice from this forum, I took Samantha the Comet to CJ Hall vets. She and Darren have a virus and therefore I would advise not mixing them with other goldfish.

Both are beautiful with long white flowing fins. Samantha in particular is a very friendly fish. She's a fighter and bounced back?from her various ailments. Really lovely fish to keep and a favourite of mine. Darren is a quiet fish, very fond of Samantha.

What they ideally need is someone with a nice big tank, no less than (350 litres) who is happy to house then together. I don't want to see them split up as they have been together for years and clearly have a bond. Experienced fish keepers only.

Email me if you think you can help, I live in Leatherhead Surrey tallulahdurand@googlemail.com

I'm really sad to do this but even if I could afford a bigger tank I live in a first floor flat and I know the floor couldn't support the weight of a tank the size these fish need