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Re: Ongoing Swimbladder Issues

Subject: Re: Ongoing Swimbladder Issues
by maccy_g on 19/7/2015 9:40:27

I have kept fancy goldfish for many years and I can totally sympathise with the SBD problems you have had with your fish.

Firstl I would say, don't beat yourself up about it - I, like you tried countless methods of treating SBD as well as preventative measures and almost all of my fish succumbed to SBD eventually.

I can honestly say that the issues I have had keeping fancies has begun to turn me off keeping them. Unfortunately because of years and years of in-breeding most fancies are genetically pre-disposed to SBD as well as other issues, even the very high quality specimens that cost hundreds of pounds can still have the same problems.

I consider myself to be a relatively experienced keeper of fancies and I used to be a member of the Goldfish Society Of Great Britain. Some of the breeders on there used to speak of show-winning fancies developing SBD problems, now if keepers of show winning fish can still experience problems then what chance do we have?

I have come to the conclusion that whilst fancies are an absolute joy to keep and very rewarding, the frustrations and distress of seeing a once perfectly healthy fish that you have kept and fed properly and looked after to the best of your ability become struck down by SBD vastly outweigh the positives of the hobby.