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Re: Ongoing Swimbladder Issues

Subject: Re: Ongoing Swimbladder Issues
by fcmf on 17/7/2015 21:39:15

Great; do keep us posted on how you get on with the dispenser.

I would try the aquarium salt once and see how that goes - hopefully it will make a difference. If it does, then I'd probably wait until the next time you think the situation needs it - but probably once a week is about right but not more often than that; I'd maybe wait until the day after a water change, just to give the water parameters a chance to 'settle', rather than there being a slight change in water parameters plus the salt to get accustomed to.

On a separate matter, and just in case things don't ultimately work out and become "manageable" or rectify themselves, I'd also advise, on days when he's right, getting some video footage of him - many years ago, I set up the camera to take some video footage of my goldfish getting excited in the background when I was chopping some food (mango - his favourite treat) for him in the foreground, and it's so comforting and enjoyable to look back on from time to time given how much I love(d) him.