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Re: Ongoing Swimbladder Issues

Subject: Re: Ongoing Swimbladder Issues
by fcmf on 17/7/2015 17:45:26

I can completely empathise with this problem ? a fancy goldfish which I was very fond of had this very same problem, and my beloved common/comet goldfish had this (in addition to an eye growth of several years) in the last few months of his life (sadly, he died a year ago today).

Like you, I fed a varied diet, and found that several days of feeding veggies and bloodworm (and an occasional morsel of papaya fruit) were particularly helpful for clearing out any blockages that might be pressing on the swimbladder. Also, like you, water parameters were perfect.

I tended to ?manage? the situation in each case by diet (food portions became ever smaller because of the consequences of floating/bobbing), occasional dosages of aquarium salt which often helped resolve the floating/bobbing problem overnight, and, when things were at their worst and had been going on like this for several weeks, swimbladder treatment. Ultimately, having not thought about or discovered fish forums until autumn last year when I decided to venture into tropical fishfeeding, and having been so focused on attempting to rectify the floating/bobbing problem, I now think that each fish died as a consequence of malnutrition which pains me greatly. I also think that their fish tanks not having been large enough may also have been to blame? it seemed to be, but over the course of the years I had each of these fish, the ?thinking? around appropriate tank size seems to have changed.

What would I have done differently and therefore could recommend to you? An automatic feeder to dispense small portions of food regularly throughout the day (which I only tried in the final week by which time it was too late), perhaps tried anti-bacterial medication (I had thought about this but decided against it given that the fish always seemed better in the morning and so I decided it couldn?t be an anti-bacterial infection), and a bigger tank size (this may not be a problem for you but http://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/articles ... -size-life-expectancy.htm shows the current ?thinking? on tank requirements).

I do hope this helps. Please keep us posted.