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Ongoing Swimbladder Issues

Subject: Ongoing Swimbladder Issues
by Charlie on 17/7/2015 15:30:28


Im at my wits end, my fancy goldfish most definately has swim bladder issues. When I fast him this seems to eliminate the floating and bobbing around on the surface. this says to me its digestion problems and not infection?

Obviously I cant keep fasting my fish, I have 3 other fancies in the same tank.

As soon as start feeding again within no time he is stuck at the top.

I feed veggies, frozen bloodworm, and Tetra Gold Japan throughtout the week so diet is varied. Water paramaters are perfect.

He is finding it stressful, he tries to swim down but cant stay down. The only solution I have found is not feeding but I need to feed my fish so I am at a complete loss as to how to deal with this issue.

I've read the thred on here for swim bladder, is it a case of this is just how he is and we have to live with it?

If I dont do a fast after around a week he ends up upside down, I can't handle seeing him like that, its heart breaking. totally at my wits end :(

Any advice, comments hugely appreciated.