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Re: How did they do that? 100 years ago.

Subject: Re: How did they do that? 100 years ago.
by paulgee on 16/6/2015 12:05:29

Hi meriad, yes there was previously a rock construction for them to get in and out that has temporarily been taken away obviously whilst I empty it which is turning out to be a slow process because of evasive fish, thanks for your comment about the plank.

Actually that is a good point and raises another question! Whilst ensuring any other wildlife can get out how do you ensure ?other wildlife? do not kill the fish? And use whatever platform to get them?

I don?t know if it was originally built as something else? That is something I hope to find out however; the pond has been used as such for the last 30 years 100% confirmed, the previous owners were here for that time, and one elderly lady neighbour remembers playing near it as a child and cannot remember it being anything else other than a pond with fish in it, that is why I know for sure it?s been there at least 70 years.

To my knowledge it has never been cleaned the previous owners did not do it and it shows, I am almost dreading getting to the bottom of this one.


meriad wrote:
Not sure if that would be a pond or not, looks very interesting.

But if I may make one comment - the sides look quite steep and deep, if something falls in there it won't be able to get out. Any chance you could put a plank of wood or some other type of ramp in there to give our poor wildlife a chance? With summer coming up there no doubt will be a hedgehog or fox or other animal desperate for some water and they can so easily fall in but not get out

thank you!