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Re: How did they do that? 100 years ago.

Subject: Re: How did they do that? 100 years ago.
by paulgee on 13/6/2015 12:52:58

Extra info, it?s 9 foot in diameter it almost looks pre-constructed although evidence suggests it was built in place because of the debris and hard-core on the external surfaces below ground is pretty much the same as if the concrete was poured in place, additionally the two clay pipes are part of the construction.

The depth I am not too sure of yet, it has a lot of silt in the bottom of the pond now and the gravel is very deep but at minimum a would say at least 3 feet as you can see I am in the process of cleaning it out.

Below are some pictures of it (one a bit out of focus), it still has some baby koi in it from last years fry.


P.S. tried uploading JPG under 2 MB but it would not let me