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How did they do that? 100 years ago.

Subject: How did they do that? 100 years ago.
by paulgee on 13/6/2015 12:25:10

Hello EV1

I have a 16th century building which has a large concrete bowl like pond in it! I have checked the history from previous owners and photographs and it has been there for at least 70+ years from a time when there were no polymer sealants, it could be older than this as one reference said it was built in the start of the 1900s over 100 years ago.

Another pointer is the clay pipes used for replenishing the water level and taking away excess water in an elaborate soak away system that is also part of the house, these are cemented into the bowl when it was cast and I am pretty sure are not additions, dating on these parts puts it to around the 1930-40s so hence the conservative guess at 70 years.

It is 100% waterproof never leaks and the PH is stable i.e. no lime from the concrete, will send pictures if you are interested.

I have looked around and most ponds these days and/or instructions for doing so include a lot of additives and/or sealers?

My question is how was this pond built does anyone know any of the old pond construction methods? I.e. just using render or just concrete? And how did they stop the lime?

I would like to extend the original pond to include other features, I have built a new pond beside it using a modern liner that is 7.5mtrs X 5mtrs and about 4 foot deep, I have built a very large filter medium out of two IBC 1000ltr containers using jap matt and volcano rock etc. everything is working well and the filters cope with the volumes of water and fish but I am stuck on how to build on the old pond to combine features using the original methods of construction as there is no way I wish to destroy it.

Any ideas, pointers or help would be appreciated.