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Re: Can I release them?

Subject: Re: Can I release them?
by meriad on 26/5/2015 16:01:19

Thanks for that. Well I had another look and there are two nights when the temperature drops to about 6 degrees which is too low for my liking so I'll wait a bit longer.

And being totally daft; when you say acclimatise them slowly what do I need to do?

I was thinking of getting a decent size plastic tub and putting them in there with the water from the tank they're currently in; and then bit by bit taking some water out and replacing it with pond water (maybe a litre at a time?) and then when it's about 1/2 acquarium and 1/2 pond let them go?

And all in all letting this process take about 2 or 3 hours? Or should I give it 1/2 day?