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Re: heron - Pond wire fence

Subject: Re: heron - Pond wire fence
by headfish on 27/3/2015 14:32:34

Thanks for the reply

starting to worry myself more about this the more i look.
Always thought herons walked up to ponds and stopped once they spotted a line across it, did not think they would go under or step over it.


the normal birds that visited my pond for a little drink do not enjoy the wire and seems to be staying away so not sure if that's a good or bad sign.
pigeons used to walk on my old netted set up and enjoy a bath.

The island i have x2 the amount of line and the side next to the fence has 3 lines running across it at mixed heights but it didn't show up very well in the images/light.
what i mite do is move the pots around and fix my brackets lower and add a extra line of wire.

Really do not want to go back to a net since its ugly and you just can not see the fish half as well.