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Re: heron - Pond wire fence

Subject: Re: heron - Pond wire fence
by 2010 on 27/3/2015 7:03:30

From what I can see, and angles can be deceptive, there are too many "holes" in your "fence" There also seems to be nothing / not much on the "island" like wise the back edge.

I am wondering how long before a heron figures out it can land next to you pond, then "jump up" to an edge and then have lunch. The only way is to try it, but it is risky to do so, I think the net was a better idea.

Resized Image

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In both of the above pictures they have more "fishing line" than you, and its closer together and its at an angle so it leaves no room to stand.

Resized Image

... and there is this one, nothing like yours, but no where for the heron to stand and be able to reach the water.