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Re: Huge Ammonia and Nitrite Spike

Subject: Re: Huge Ammonia and Nitrite Spike
by fcmf on 28/2/2015 15:13:20

A heart-rending and absolutely tragic event, having read so recently and enjoyed the pics of your fish in their new home. So sorry to read of this.

As you say, decisions can be made further down the line. Having been heartbroken over the death of my last goldfish, I did nothing for months until I could bear a fishless household no longer, and then took action. I went down the tropical route, and with a new tank, to break the association - and that was the right decision for me, and a different type of experience, much as I dearly miss the interaction and close attachment bond I had with goldfish. There are definite pros and cons, whichever (if either) route you eventually go down.

For now, sincere and heartfelt sympathies at this difficult time.