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Re: Huge Ammonia and Nitrite Spike

Subject: Re: Huge Ammonia and Nitrite Spike
by LukeC on 28/2/2015 9:04:50

Morning guys

Thanks for the lovely words.

I rehomed the rest of the tank yesterday. Had no choice really. LFS was happy to take them. The calico was put into the 48l tank but no improvement at all . Changed 25% water every hour Keeps bumping into the glass. His eyes are both very cloudy and he is also gasping and not eating.blood shot skin. Figure his gills have been affected. Tail is ever so limp. I feel I have no choice but to euthanise. I can't provided a heathy hospital tank with filtration.

He was always the biggest and strongest one so odd he was affected the most. Have clove oil.

Tested the tank water this morning ammonia down to 1ppm but nitrite still very high . Considering been no fish in the tank for practically 24 hours as suspected something deffo amiss with both bacteria colonies.

Got some ammonia and will start dosing today. A fish in cycle with a large tank is just not practical. Much harder to clicnially control the water parameters and the large volumes of water change required will be hard to maintain daily and very unfair on the fish.

Fishless is the only safe way of doing the cycle

My OH is very upset about perky.

I'll restart one of the eheim bioball filters as well and run it in the tank . Can act as a power head I guess down the line. Need to have a back up filter ready for the future.

We are not sure what next for the tank. We may go tropical and fully planted with something like seachem black as the substrate. But long way of for that kind of decision.

The holes in the back of the tank are a fraction to low for the height of the filter. so the pipes have to come down at an awkward fangle rom the filter. I had pushed the filter to the back after its last clean so the pressure had kinked the line.