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Huge Ammonia and Nitrite Spike

Subject: Huge Ammonia and Nitrite Spike
by LukeC on 27/2/2015 9:14:37

Hi All

Guess this is a more of a sad story instead of help needed

We have been away for 7 days .

I did a PWC and cleaned out the canister filter the day before we left and everything was fine. perfect healthy water. Tested on the day we left and 0, 0, 5ppm for nitrates .

Came back last night to find the water cloudy with large spikes in ammonia and nitrite. I could not work out why until noticed the returning volume water was a lot smaller that it should be. at around 150lph (I used a liter jug and timed how long it took to fill)

Sadly on reconnecting the canister filter I had somehow kinked the outflow pipeline - as such the water was only circulating at a fraction of its expected volume for the whole time. Pretty sure the bacteria colony as all but expired due to lack of O2

Terrible rooky mistake. The large calico fantail has suffered the most. seems to lost his protective coating and has gone blind. All in the space of a week. Skin is bloodshot overall looks in a bad way. The redcap seems ok as does the three new chaps.

I feel I have no choice but to euthanize him which is terribly upsetting.

I stupidly did not keep the q tank filter running so I cannot transfer to a spare tank so I'm taking the other 4 to the LFS to keep for me.

I'm going to have to do a full cycle again which is very just so frustrating