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where to place bogwood for best effect.

Subject: where to place bogwood for best effect.
by johnmandy on 10/2/2015 19:48:37

Hi all,
As a few of you will know...I have recently renewed my interest in fish keeping, at least goldfish.
Moving on, I wrote a few topics here, regarding nitrogen cycle etc, and was offered brilliant advice, which in turn as turned into what was just an off chance of rescuing a badly kept goldfish into somewhat a passion for my wife and I.
So we have decided, considering life's a little quieter now, since the children have flown the nest, that we would buy a second tank.
Since we have, we think successfully conditioned our first tank, we know we still have regular maintenance to keep this in perfect condition, we decided to purchase a 250 litre tank. Currently this tank is at the beginning of a fishless cycle, everything's going fine with that, but as you do... We have researched many different setups, and have chosen to go again for goldfish, but with live low maintenance plants. We have currently setup the tank to our liking, obviously keeping the fishes welfare in mind.
One problem I do have though, is where to place my treated bogwood. We have placed the wood in several different positions in the tank, but are never satisfied, we currently have 2 pieces of bogwood, and intend to grow some moss on them. We hope to use the wood as the main feature within the tank, but just cannot get it right.
I know there's not just one right answer to my above question, but for those who have bogwood, perhaps as the main focal point in their tank, where do you place yours.