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Re: To Euthanase or not?

Subject: Re: To Euthanase or not?
by fcmf on 8/2/2015 19:30:17

Having had goldfish in a similar situation (the floating at the top aspect), the only other options I would suggest are trying feeding live bloodworm in an effort to 'clear him out' (in case there's a blockage of any sort contributing to this) and aquarium salt (plus raising the water temperature slightly). I found both to help, often seemingly miraculously giving the fish a new lease of life for some time.

Having said that, whatever was wrong did "catch up with them" eventually, which I think will/has happened here, and it does seem as though yours is much further down the line if not responding to medicines, not been able to get to food and particularly with the sides changing colour. It looks as though either nature is going to take its course within the next week or so, so helping the situation may indeed be the best option as maccy_g suggests.