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Re: To Euthanase or not?

Subject: Re: To Euthanase or not?
by maccy_g on 8/2/2015 18:42:45

It's never an easy decision to make but in my opinion if the fish no longer exhibits healthy behaviours, i.e swimming normally, eating normally, looking active etc and this continues for a prolonged period of time then ask yourself if you would want to continue living in that condition.

Without sounding selfish you also have to consider the other tank inhabitants, if he is weak / ill and showing no obvious signs of recovery he is much more susceptible to disease (if he hasn't succumbed already of course) which could then be transmitted to other currently healthy fish and you have a responsibility for their well-being also.

Sounds like you have tried everything you can to me, best not to keep him suffering any longer.

If you decided to euthanase then the clove oil method is considered to be the most humane, I think there is an article on it on here somewhere.