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Re: Big water changes, your method?

Subject: Re: Big water changes, your method?
by maccy_g on 22/1/2015 12:05:24

I have a 600l tank for my fancies, absolutely no way could I change water with buckets on that.

I am a bit lucky as I use an Eheim 2260 filter on it which has a tap at the bottom, I simply attach a hose (which also has a python attachment on the end of it) and drain 50% of the water from the tank out through that, the hose goes out into the garden and helps water the plants!

Then when it comes to re-filling I take the hose off the bottom of the filter, put that end in the end and attached the python connector to my mixer tap in the kitchen and refill the tank, simple! I then add de-chlorinator / plant food once the tank is full.

I used to own a 200l tank and used buckets on that but it was a pain - with my 600l water changes have never been easier! I would struggle to do it without having the Eheim 2260 though.