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Re: Project Tank Move.

Subject: Re: Project Tank Move.
by LukeC on 29/1/2015 17:12:09

mini update! played around with some rocks (using purple slate as its a good structure and inert)

Resized Image

taken with just the red and blue leds on hence the weird 3d effect! Will turn of the red at night, so will have a tranquil moonlight effect...

Planning to have the rocks where they are. I then have some smaller slate pieces to add getting smaller to the left to create a flow.

I'll be using play sand as the main substrate.

For plants: in the foreground using plastic grass, anything else would just get eaten. Also some of the grass will be around the bass of the rocks to break up the transition.

Mid ground to the middle left will be some crypts - these will be planted in shallow terracotta saucers that can be hidden with the sand so should look seemless. Will fill with plant substrate then a wire mesh to stop the fish nosing around. Over the top of the will be some fine gravel.

Annubis will be tied to the large rocks as well as some moss . The slate is good as plenty of cracks for the roots. (the moss may or may not survive the attention of the fish but worth a go anyway!)

For the background using giant Val in the top left hand side. Same method as per the crypts but have a rectangle terracotta saucer. should grow to top of the water and then fan out a little