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Re: Project Tank Move.

Subject: Re: Project Tank Move.
by LukeC on 18/1/2015 14:12:59

So been thinking about water changes. 100l is a lot to replace....

Luckily the new tank has a small window 1ft wide! behind it which opens into the garden .So water going out is easy , siphoned straight into the flower beds!

Water going in is the tricky thing. So cunning plan is to place a 200l water tank under the window the day before. Second hand food grade ones on eBay seem very cheap!

I'll fill with 50l tap water, treat and then mix with 50l r/o (my current process) the day before. Normal aquarium heater and by the next day should be the right temp to pump back in the tank.

Small pump in the tank, say 200 lph, and filling will be a piece of cake.

Water tank etc will live in garage between uses .

This seems a solid plan to me any flaws ?