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Re: water tester kits for goldfish

Subject: Re: water tester kits for goldfish
by maccy_g on 13/1/2015 21:41:25

Following on from fcmf's comments I would have to say that goldfish really are not fish for a beginner, that may sound crazy to a lot of people but they are not easy fish to keep in a healthy and well maintained manner.

For a start they require large tanks as they grow very large, require large external filtration and the fish themselves create a lot of waste resulting in frequent water changes and tank maintenance by the keeper which many beginners can end up resenting in a short space of time thus resulting in neglected (then ultimately dead) fish and then a rejection of the hobby as a whole.

Don't underestimate goldfish, they are challenging fish to keep - but speaking as a fancy goldfish keeper of 8 fish I can confirm they are very rewarding to keep and I really enjoy it, although it took me a lot of time to research and make a few mistakes along the way before I learnt how to keep them properly.

Perhaps smaller, more hardy fish would be a better type of fish to start with especially if you are looking to keep costs down and inspire your child into the hobby.