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Re: water tester kits for goldfish

Subject: Re: water tester kits for goldfish
by fcmf on 13/1/2015 19:49:53


It's not cheap but the rewards from the pleasure of the fish will easily outweigh the costs. :)

Just adding on from the previous helpful reply, a 140-litre tank equates to 48x12x15 inches, so that should help you work out whether or not the tank is adequately sized for a goldfish. If so, and if cared for carefully (folk on this site can help in conjunction with the helpful info in the "Caresheets" and "Articles" sections on this site), your 4-year-old should have their goldfish well into mid-adulthood.

If the tank isn't sufficiently big for a goldfish, then, depending on the size of tank you do have, folk here will be happy to advise on alternatives to goldfish (which generally tend to have shorter lifespans, and which might be better if your 4-year-old decides as a teenager that they're no longer interested in their fish).

Good luck with the new venture!