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Re: water tester kits for goldfish

Subject: Re: water tester kits for goldfish
by james15 on 13/1/2015 11:32:42

Hi and welcome.
I assume you're talking about the API Master Test Kit with the liquid test solutions. That's the best one to go for in my opinion, and indeed in many people's opinion. Don't get test strips as they're very inaccurate. The API Master Test Kit may seem expensive but it's very good value for money. You should have enough nitrate solution for at least a year and the others should last even longer - after nearly 3 years I still haven't replaced the nitrite solution in mine, and it feels like there's still quite a bit left. If you shop around a bit you might be able to find it a bit cheaper. I've just found it on Ebay for ?20.50 with free postage: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/API-Freshwa ... _Fish&hash=item3cd013da1e
What size tank are you looking at? Common goldfish ideally need a pond, fancy goldfish need at least 140l for a single fish plus an extra 40l for every additional fish. So if you can't afford/don't have space for something that size you may need to look at something other than goldfish.
You will also need to do a fishless cycle before adding any fish to the tank - this builds up cultures of bacteria in the filter which break down the fish waste, and without these the filter is useless. Check out our fishless cycling article for more info.