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Re: Too many fish?

Subject: Re: Too many fish?
by NJS1982 on 30/7/2015 11:33:12

Hi all, thought I would give another update to this...

The shubumpkin has lost its growths! The koi with pox has nearly got rid of it all and the orfe, whilst still crooked, is still happy (and I may add, perhaps less crooked though it could just be my eyes!)

All of these changes and improvements have only occured in the past couple of months and I believe it is because I have changed their food. I now feed them a 4-combo mix of Tetra (inc. one to bring out their colour) and two types of MediKoi food - one the probiotic one and one the general day to day food. This is obviously why they have had such an improvement, feeding them good quality food and fixing them from the inside out. I'm very happy!

As for the blue orfe, still no sign and a complete mystery. I understand that the heron may have had them, but still - it's odd to just select those three and I would say the orange ones would have been much easier to catch! Anyway, contemplating three more small ones in the coming weeks as they just look so different to what I have!

Thanks again for the help :) Glad I didn't euthanase them, and so are they.