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Re: Too many fish?

Subject: Re: Too many fish?
by NJS1982 on 21/9/2014 23:45:27

Yes, 2010, I was being sarcastic. Tongue in cheek comment, myth-busting at its best. I realise it is down to genetics, not only because I am educated but also because at the rate my fish eat, I would be amazed they didn't all reach 2.5m some time ago.

Ok so option one would be the euthanasia of my largest, healthy fish? I won't run that past them myself for fear of them deciding to actually grow to 2.5m, taking a crash course in learning how to fly and for them to swing by your place wielding a syringe of barbiturate and saying you are too small for your house (yes, they would also take lessons in the English language).

As for the other option of handing them over to somebody with an enormous lake, hoping they are not too fussy about the fish having friends with less than perfect body image - we all know how cruel the celebrity world of koi can be (I myself blame the media for that downward spiral of events) - I'll give that some considerable thought.

Or I could just dig a bigger home for my less than perfect but equally special aquatic friends and the other wildlife that visits. Now there's an idea...

In the meantime I have cleared some of the excess plants out and they have a lot more space to swim about, up, down, side to side. I've seen it all this evening. Or they could just be getting excited about the prospect of taking this crash course in aviation.

As for me researching lots more on fish...I'll rely on my existing education (even though two years of fish and reptile study modules was rather painful as it focused predominantly on fish in tanks rather than the pond variety), other friendlier and more helpful forum members or here's an idea, I'll just ask them, their English is improving as I type.

Thanks for your input 2010, really helpful.