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Re: Too many fish?

Subject: Re: Too many fish?
by 2010 on 21/9/2014 18:45:00


NJS1982 wrote:
So the old adage of a fish will only grow to the size of the pond is nonsense then, huh?!

I am not sure if you are being sarcastic, or if you really think that is true.

EITHER WAY, Let us continue.

Fish are like any other "animal" in that they will keep growing until they reach their maximum.

Take yourself for example, why do you stop growing when you are the height you are now?
The answer is because it's in your genes to grow to that height.

Likewise a giraffe, grows tall because it is supposed to. Like wise, a pug dog is small because that is the size it is supposed to be.

A fish is no different, it will grow to the size it is supposed to be, the myth comes from the fact that if it is in a small bowl it grows until it can grow no more because of lack of space. (By which time its too late for the fish)

If your belief were true, the koi you have will grow to around 2.5m (The size of your pond) and we all know that is not going to happen.

What can you do with your too big and sick fish?

1)You could advertise them as free to good home.
(I am being serious)BUT if you advertise them on here, the chances are that no one lives near you that will either want or be able to take them.

2)Put them to sleep. (There is an article on here tell you how to do do it)
At least one of your fish has a "complaint" If I were taking your fish, and I found that out, I would decline, so will most others.

Fish don't live long?

Fish when looked after can and do live 20+ years, some koi are said to be over 100.

I suggest you read the article I gave a link to, and then you do lots more research into fish.