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Too many fish?

Subject: Too many fish?
by NJS1982 on 21/9/2014 17:30:08

Hi all, just a quick one...do you think I have too many fish in my pond?

I have about:
- 7 medium-large koi (largest probably about 50cm?)
- 5 or 6 small-medium koi (couple of years old)
- 3 golden Orfe
- 8 or 9 various sized goldfish/Shubumpkin

My pond is about 7,000 litres, average of 3.5m x 2.5m by 80cm deep on average. I have a few plants and an Oase BioSmart and Oase 2500 fountain. I have a selection of Blagdon pond lights.

My concern is that the big ones have got too big, too many and they are not happy. They seem happy and the large ones were here when I bought the house some 7 years ago.

I've only ever lost one small koi which was one of three and that was over a winter some years ago. I had other fish which seem to have disappeared over the years, all smaller ones (all my blue Orfe, oddly).

I have a couple of the smaller fish with long term ailments (listed in another pos) but...is it time to look for a new, bigger home for some of these fish? I'd hate to have to get rid of any but don't want them suffering if the pond really is too small...