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Re: Advice on new aquarium please

Subject: Re: Advice on new aquarium please
by DaveGodfrey on 16/5/2014 20:01:08

Not for goldfish I can't I'm afraid. If they have single tails you're going to need either a pond, or something about six feet, by two feet, by two feet, with big external filters. Common goldfish should grow to over a foot long, and are messy poo machines.

If they have double tails then a tank about 180 litres should be enough. Again you'll want a big external to run it. Either the Juwel Rio 180 or the Fluval Roma 200 would be suitable, but the small internals that they come with won't be.

Most tanks that come with hoods also come with filters, lights, etc. If you buy a Clearseal tank and a matching hood you'll still need to buy a light fitting for it, and you'd pay about the same for both bits as a good 60L tank kit like the Juwel Rekord 600, or the Korall (which is even cheaper, but has a hood with a feeding/maintenance hole that's very small, and a bespoke lighting unit that needs to be completely replaced whenever the bulb goes).