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Re: Feeding sweet potato?

Subject: Re: Feeding sweet potato?
by Fishlady on 7/5/2014 15:24:05

He's likely to like all the same things in the veggie department as plecs. Sweet potato does go down well and can be sliced, scored and fed raw or just blanched in boiling water for a few seconds if he's small enough to need it softening. Ordinary potatoes can be sliced and scored and fed raw, but it's worth soaking in cold water for a while first to remove some of the starch as it can make the tank water cloudy.

Other favourites include spinach and spring greens, though they can make the water smell a bit "cabbagey" if not eaten quickly. Any foods related to cucumber/courgette will work too - melon, pumpkin etc. He may also like some mango.