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Re: A blank slate

Subject: Re: A blank slate
by this.foolish.heart on 17/5/2014 9:21:59

I've kept P.signifier before, in fact, that was my first tank to have a heater malfunction in. They're nice little fish, but I was looking for something a little more striking. Surprisingly, blue eyes are not particularly easy to get here. No one really breeds them, so they're mostly wild caught at +$8/fish. It's also the wrong season for them, they seem to be round mostly in the spring.

I'm starting to like the look of Golden pencil fish, Nannostomas beckfordi. which sound easy-ish to breed, and seem quite attractive.
Bonus points for being reasonably priced on my online LFS, but not so cheap that I won't be able to rehome them if/when they breed.