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Re: A blank slate

Subject: Re: A blank slate
by this.foolish.heart on 5/5/2014 11:52:53

He's such a secretive, funny little fish. He likes to dig little ditches and lay on his side beneath driftwood/ in caves. At other times, he likes to school with the dwarf chain loaches. I got a hold on him after my LFS gave me a call to say they a had something come in with the yoyos who didn't quite look like a yoyo. His markings as a youngster were very similar to this guy from loaches.com, but unfortunately I do not have any early photos of him.
In Australia, the only loaches you can legally import are dwarf chains, clowns, yoyos and kuhlis, but Howard who owns the store knows of my interest in loaches.

Current photos are attached. He's a bit angry at me here, because I took his driftwood away to take his photo. Please also excuse the glass, I normally leave algae alone on the back and side walls, and I had to move a bookcase to get a shot of him.
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