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Re: flaky white stuff and red around anus area??

Subject: Re: flaky white stuff and red around anus area??
by fcmf on 21/12/2020 18:46:38

That's good that you've moved him into a tank with larger pebbles. I moved my goldfish into a tank with smaller gravel and he continued to swallow it too, then into a tank with sand which created more problems (a pouch on his side where he had ingested it and it was sitting before he expelled it - ultimately, he expelled it in a very thick format but his anus never returned to normal size again after that although it did him no harm), then ultimately into a bare-bottom tank with a few large pebbles which thankfully turned out to be the best option and the end of the substrate-swallowing episodes.

Whether or not he heals is difficult to know. The best you can do is:
* the medication you're using;
* keeping the water in tip-top condition at all times so that the wound doesn't become infected ie ensuring you have a liquid-based test kit (not a strip-based test) and keep ammonia and nitrite at 0 at all times, and nitrates no higher than 20 above whatever your tap water nitrate level is;
* keep him on the peas for a few days, then gradually re-introduce the pellets or the flakes pre-soaked in tank water (so that they don't bloat him);
* possibly consider aquarium salt (NB sodium chloride eg API Aquarium Salt) - https://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk ... -questions-on-using-salt/ [final Q&A in particular]. I have used it successfully with goldfish, albeit for other problems.