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Re: flaky white stuff and red around anus area??

Subject: Re: flaky white stuff and red around anus area??
by fcmf on 20/12/2020 23:13:56

Sorry to read about this. I'll have to be brief in my reply, but essentially:
* the treatment/medication sounds ideal in the circumstances - finish the entire treatment course (if you haven't already) and it may need an extended/repeat course (instructions re that should be on package);
* if the sore is on the actual anus itself, my first hunch would be that he's swallowed some gravel and expelled it with the size of the piece tearing him internally and externally (my own goldfish had a tendency to swallow gravel), or otherwise that he's injured himself or been injured by the other fish chasing him - they can be quite vigorous if mating.

[ Although not of direct relevance to your particular situation at the moment, this is worth a read re long-term care: https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/articles ... -size-life-expectancy.htm ]