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Re: Sturgeon disaster

Subject: Re: Sturgeon disaster
by JustRubes on 18/4/2014 12:22:41

The survivors are looking good indeed. All swimming around, nobody on their back.

However, now I've discovered another problem. They are only feeding on bloodworm, they wont touch any other food.

I have purchased specific sturgeon sinking food from the dealer, the same food he uses infact, and they wont touch it! Any food I drop in that isnt live blood worm I have to scoop back out as they wont touch it.

Any feeding tips would be splendid. Also, in future while im upping my numbers, what would you suggest I do differently?

So far Ive got:

-Bring ammolock with me to dealers
-Fill water from dealers
-Tonnes of air stones, roughly any idea how big of an air pump I need to transport say 50 5" sturgeon? 2 hour journey as I mentioned before from the dealers.
-Slow acclimation when I get back to my house.

As far as I understand, apart from that, I've done everything as I should?

And thanks for the concern Khan, but the money isn't really a worry. As long as I learn from the experience, I consider it well spent.