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Re: Sturgeon disaster

Subject: Re: Sturgeon disaster
by Fishlady on 17/4/2014 18:25:16

If ammonia and nitrite have been at zero throughout (in transit and since transfer to tanks) then my other suggestion is simple oxygen deprivation. Given the large number of fish and restricted space I would think what has happened is that they have been starved of oxygen - too little entering the water and too much CO2 being expelled into water from their respiration.

Severe oxygen deprivation can cause the symptoms you've seen - much as nitrite poisoning does. Nitrite binds to the red cells in the bloodstream and prevents oxygen being taken up and transported an produces symptoms of hypoxia even when there is plentiful O2 available. In the absence of nitrite, then a straightforward lack of oxygen is most likely.

With the reduced number you now have and additional aeration I would expect most of those remaining to survive, but there may still be some further losses.

The lake sounds fantastic - green with envy here