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Sturgeon disaster

Subject: Sturgeon disaster
by JustRubes on 16/4/2014 15:05:40

Hello all, hope you can assist me.

The story:
Two days ago, I picked up 100 assorted sturgeon, no bigger than 10" each, most around 5".

I picked them up in a van, with a small pond setup in the back. Aerated by a 45L/ph airpump.

When I arrived home, the pond in the van was at 10 degrees, the ponds they were going to be quarantined in were at 12.

I transferred these sturgeon into their new tanks, the water used for transportation was the same water from the ponds.

The problem:

The sturgeon seemed hungry at the dealer's location as there were many that were swimming at the top of the water with their noses pointing out.
The rest were very very docile and not moving very much, and a few swimming around the tank.

When I moved the fish from the van to the pond, a few of them twirled a little. Later, a few of the fish started staying at the top of the water, then they started tilting on their side with their fin sticking out the water.
Shortly after, I started to find them upside down at the bottom of the ponds.

Initially the ones at the bottom would randomly swim to the top of the water, then sink back down.

Of the 100, 64 have perished on the first night. Another 3 today.

water parameters are fine, the ponds were gradually fully replenished with fresh water a few days prior.
pH 7.5
Ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 10ppm
temp 12C
5000L per hour filtration
45L/H air pump with 6 large air stones

Resized Image
Gills, some of the others have redish hues to their gills.
Resized Image
Blood coming from some of the fish along with waste.
Resized Image
Blood red fins on the underside.
Resized Image
Floats at top, gills and mouth moving.

PS: also added a few drops of pimafix and melafix when I started to see them dropping, and I am currently buying what I need to salt bath them, and will give that a shot later today if anyone suggests it.

Thanks for reading,
Hope I can learn a lot from this experience, as I've never had a disaster of this proportion with any other fish or livestock I have handled, and quite frankly I'm devastated.