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Re: Advice on 60l tank please

Subject: Re: Advice on 60l tank please
by DaveGodfrey on 10/4/2014 12:50:57

The basic clearseals are nice "minimalist" tanks, (although not as pretty as the Dennerle one, or the expensive Optiwhite ones) and the black trim around the top is easily removable. You can then either build your own hood or place some coverslips on the top and clip a light to the side (or hang a lumiere from a ceiling/shelf above the tank.)

As for fish, as I'm sure you know it depends on what your pH and hardness is, and how big a tank you can fit in the space you have. If you can find them Variatus Platies and Least Killifish (Heterandria formosa) would both be good in a 60L (although not the same tank- Least Killies are tiny, and really only work in a species only set-up).

Add an external and a powerhead and you could keep Hillstream Loachs, Gobies, etc. They can be territorial, so you'll need to scape the tank to give lots of breaks in line of sight. White Clouds would go well with them, but they're pretty active so you need at least a 60cm long tank.

If you have space for something 2'6 - 3' long I'd also consider any of Paradise Fish, or American Flag Fish, or Odessa Barbs. Both Paradise Fish and AFFs are both aggressive, and AFFs will nip fins. On their own with suitable tankmates they're fabulous fish, and when coloured up Odessa Barbs will put many "tropical" fish to shame.