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Re: Advice on 60l tank please

Subject: Re: Advice on 60l tank please
by Fishlady on 26/3/2014 18:33:08


james15 wrote:
You can of course try making your own lid if you like - I believe Fishlady has already done exactly that.

I certainly did

I made a hood for my old 5ft tank from beech effect Conti Board. It was essentially a rectangle made from four boards, with a small ledge all the way round inside near the bottom so it sat on top of the tank. The lid was two more boards sitting on a second ledge near the top of the inside of the "box" which made them sit flush with the top of the sides. The wider rear board had reflectors and lights screwed to the underside and the narrower front board was attached to it with hinges so I could lift it for easy access when feeding etc. The whole thing was a bit "rough and ready" as I'm no carpenter, but it was very easy to do and someone with a bit of skill in that area could do a really nice job.

I would recommend using plywood rather than Conti Board though as it's lighter weight and if properly sealed with varnish will last longer. I couldn't do that as I have nowhere to do the varnishing.