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Re: Advice on 60l tank please

Subject: Re: Advice on 60l tank please
by Tknoxx on 25/3/2014 23:51:45

I would tend to agree with Fishlady here. It also really depends on what you are expecting to keep. A single male betta would be more suited to a Fluval edge than say a shoal of white clouds which are more active and have higher oxygen requirements. For a single male betta 46L would be plenty big.

If space is an issue and you don't like black lids you can get some good looking cube tanks. Find out just how much you can squeeze in - whether it be a two foot tank or something smaller.

For example this scaper's tank is nice but not THAT expensive:
http://www.swelluk.com/aquarium/fish- ... er-s-tank-50l-521969.html

It got a good review from PFK: http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=5763