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Re: Advice on 60l tank please

Subject: Re: Advice on 60l tank please
by Fishlady on 23/3/2014 23:18:47


The Biorb Life is marginally better than the standard round Biorb, but still not great. The filtration system is inadequate and the tank has very restricted swimming space and room for fish to set up territories. It also has limited surface area and the undergravel style filtration requires the use of Biortb's very rough substrate which rules out any bottom dwelling fish. The types of fish that can be kept in it will be very limited because of the design.

Not sure which Fluval you mean? If you meant the Edge range, these too are vey restrictive in terms of what you can keep and the largest is only 46L.

Really these tanks are very overpriced and are "form over function" (IMO).

A standard rectangular tank (long rather than tall) with a good internal or external filter gives you more options and a healthier environment for fish at fraction of the price.