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Advice on 60l tank please

Subject: Advice on 60l tank please
by baydreamer on 23/3/2014 22:16:19

We have kept large aquariums for many years, however having moved to a much smaller house, we had to give up our tanks as they were just too big for our new house.

However the husband is obviously missing the fish and I thought we could get a 60l tank which would fit in the house.

I've read about Bio-orbs not being healthy for fish, but has anyone got feedback on the square 60ltr Biorb life?

Also any thoughts on the fluval?

He built his own aquarium before because he's not keen on the plastic black lids on the tanks and the more modern set up would go better in our modern house

But, I want happy healthy fish, otherwise there is no point in having them