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Marine 'Tools of the trade'

Subject: Marine 'Tools of the trade'
by barryjarvis on 10/2/2014 12:00:58

Hi all,

I have my new marine tank setup being delivered later this week and so am currently well in to the research process of setting it all up etc and making sure i have everything in place ready to go.
So, with that in mind i'm after a shopping list of things that i'm going to need.

Here's so far:

1) Water Testing Kit - Most places it seems are pushing me towards the API kits. I presume this is suitable for now? (i have read that the Salifert kits are better?)

2) Hyrdometer/Refractometer - Refractometer is apparently more accurate so i'm heading towards that (i'd rather buy right the first time). Any recommendations?

3) Cleaning equipment - Here's where i'm completely open. Any "must have's"?

I know this is probably really basic stuff but what i don't want to do is go out and buy what i *think* is right, only to then find out i could've bought something much better for the same money, or not a lot more etc

Like i said, i'd rather buy the right stuff first time round.

Any help/advice appreciated.